Hello, My name is Tom Ohling. For the past 20 years I have also been know as the Nutrition Magician®. To tell the story of Nutrition Magician® is really to tell my story. The creation of Nutrition Magician® education programs is really the story of the incredible people I have met along the way of a rather incredible life journey.

Rather than give you a long winded biography I think it best to let others do the talking this time. Through out this web site you will find excerpted quotes from ,satisfied clients, gratified sponsors, respected publications and enthusiastic audience members (I think that covers everybody)

If you want to know more about me, the people who influence my life, the organizations who engage my services just click on a quote that catches your eye and you will see the entire letter from which the quote was extracted. Each quote triggers a special memory of a person and an event that taught me a lesson.

The honor of these words are a continual inspiration. The rung just above the effort recognized is the one which I promise to reach for. Each event is a learning experience for me too. That means that you always get the accumulated effort of the 1000’s of presentations that came before yours.

You may want to visit the Nutrition Magician® In The Media page for a summary of the dozens of media references to Tom Ohling and Nutrition Magician® health and wellness related programs.

Some letters have deeply touched my heart. Read one of my favorite fan letters.

If you want a much more comprehensive history of my road to becoming and maintaining Nutrition Magician® Erin Hoover-Shaw wrote a story in the Oregonian that tells of the beginning of my transformation. She tells most of my story better than I ever could. Click here for a look at Erin Hoover-Shaw’s Oregonian story “Feeding A Deeper Hunger”

collage of newspaper articles featuring Nutrition Magician

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