What Changed

I have used cooking techniques, shopping strategies and nutrition concepts to help people regain a modicum of control over their day to day lives. Over the past twenty years of doing this as the Nutrition Magician® I also discovered the incredible power of meal-time to break down communication barriers, increase a sense of community, encourage team work and build bonds between co-workers and more deeply develop a the sense of family.

My first inklings of the trans-formative nature of meal-time came while managing a senior center serving one of the poorest populations in Portland, OR. I would watch frail and reclusive seniors find energy from the nutrition provided through daily meals but often, and sometimes more importantly, would see broken spirits enlivened, clouded minds become lucid and tired bodies become active participating members of the community. Their transformation transformed me too.

Over time  my meat/dairy based culinary school training has given way to a whole-food plant-based diet (WFPBD) providing the foundation for physical and social change through meal-times; what I call the intersection of hearth and heart. First, watching Forks Over Knives (available on NetFlix) then reading The China Study provided basis for my paradigm shift. I look forward to finding, experiencing and sharing new discoveries.


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